Food frenzy #7


So what if it is not as hip and old-school, fishball noodles and wanton noodles never run out and we never need to queue. Tsui Wah is where I’ll turn to for comfort delicious Canto food and also when I crave for mommy’s noodles. Fishball noodles here have my stamp of approval.


Steak tenderloins are perfect for weekday dinners when time is not on your side. Just thaw in the fridge before you leave for work in the morning, marinate for half an hour when you get home and you are ready to go. Start thawing the meat the day before and marinate for a day, if you like.


Hurray for beef hotpot (牛腩煲), the non-boney alternative to chicken hotpot (鸡公煲).

2 Thoughts on “Food frenzy #7

  1. 我可以问一个问题?你怎么天天都有好吃的吃啊?下次带着我!

  2. 先生了宝宝,再一起出来!目前我知道某人不能吃火锅,所以我会替你吃多点.

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