Beijing of lovely memories


I bought a children’s tee from this shop for myself which actually fits better than the women’s cut.


This is my first time in Beijing during the winter. It was indeed really cold.


Not to be missed in any Beijing winter, lamb hot pot (涮羊肉) and tripe (爆肚). They were delicious that day but frankly I think I’m quite over the gamey taste of these Beijing staples for a while.


Traditional longetivity peaches for the elderly.


Touchmedia is the company responsible for tv screens airing annoying, non-stop advertisements in Shanghai taxis. Seems like they’ve reverted back to the basics with a more literary approach in Beijing. Which would you prefer ?


A dinner that was more than just memorable. Everything changes yet remains the same from this point onwards.


Bisous, bisous !


We had the restaurant to ourselves. The decor was trendy minimal and food, delicious.


Time to wrap up the trip. It’s back to Shanghai on my own. Thank you Beijing for the wonderful memories.

5 Thoughts on “Beijing of lovely memories

  1. 我听懂了,还有,拍的很好

  2. i have always wanted to own a flask like this in but it’s so expensive to get one in spore. i once asked a shop in chinatown, it cost almost $40ish.

    i love reading your blog! coming from a shanghainese dialect, this is the closest i can get to shanghai. hahaha! if you know of anyone with the surname 董 (dong), please say hi. tell them they ‘might’ have a relative back in spore. hahaha!

  3. admin on March 23, 2010 at 2:40 PM said:

    Euphemia – Me too ! I’d bought one with double happiness 喜喜 and flowers for a friend as a wedding gift once, it’s perfect ! But I haven’t found a practical use for it and so have refrained from buying one for myself thus far. They are half the price the last time I checked in Beijing. Don’t see too many here in Shanghai though.

    Thanks ! I hope you will continue to enjoy it. I haven’t yet met Dong-surnamed Shanghainese friends yet but I will keep a lookout from now on heh.

  4. Half priced?! Now I wished I could be transported to Beijing. I have not given up hope on Singapore though, still looking and crossing fingers that it’ll be some day, one day become affordable, of course cheap is better. Hah!

  5. admin on March 25, 2010 at 2:43 PM said:

    Or better yet, plan your next getaway around Beijing !

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