Take home a piece of French heritage

Grateful to the ST for feeding my obsession with iconic everyday objects from France. Link here (paywall).

Au revoir là-haut (2017)


Yet another French film I’d watched on the plane and can’t believe I would be saying this but it made me nostalgic for France. Took a leap of faith to watch it with only French subtitles and was glad it wasn’t difficult to follow — plus I’d recognized Niels Arestrup from Un prophète (2009) ! Also was that Charles de Gaulle-Étoile métro station outside l’hôtel Péricourt ? I’m partial to the cinematography and narration style, which reminded me of Wes Anderson. Brilliant, thoroughly engaging with the couple of unexpected twists at the end. One of the more memorable French films I’ve watched in recent years.

Getting back into reading


I missed the boat when I was in France, surrounded by trainloads of book-reading commuters. Hopefully it’s not too late now, even with phone-toting, TV series-watching zombies everywhere.

One afternoon in Bouzigues




We don’t have a car and did our fair share of car rentals pre-bébé. As a result, there was a good amount of tears on the way to and fro Bouzigues as someone didn’t want to be strapped into a car seat.

Margiela, les années Hermès



No crazy crowds like at Dior the last round so it was a walk in the park discovering Margiela’s thoughtfully-designed pieces with a toddler and a stroller. Regret not making it to the other Margiela exhibitionTill 2 Sep 2018 at the recently-rebranded Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

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