Seeing Myanmar with a toddler on your back

First centrefold featuring the husband and the toddler. She still talks incessantly about Myanmar and, most recently, the Myanmar gorgor (big brother) she met in Phuket, Thailand. Link here (paywall). Also the best surprise for me was the release of Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo five days before the story went to print.

What to cook right now

Look ma, not an April Fools’ prank ! Sam Sifton says he loves my piece.

Four rivers and six ranges

A series I did back in 2013 in Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in southwestern China.
















Here/ now

I’m here because
when I get older,
I’m starting to look back
into the past to find clues
of how my future might pan out.

I’m here because
looking back into the past,
nostalgia hit me
below the belt
when I least expected it.

I’m here because
with a new perspective on what has happened,
I look at the present,
trying to make sense of my identity,
of being a mother to a child with two nationalities.

I’m here because
motherhood led me straight back to my mother
and how she took the last boat out of communist China,
with her mother and great-grandmother,
looking for a better future in the murky seas down south.

L’Empereur de Paris (2018)


Can Vincent Cassel do any wrong ? I have to admit that it doesn’t help that an uncle in Les Landes had named his dog “Vidocq”. Expect all the pomp and action that come with a big budget, I’m not good with 19th century Paris so it did take me a while to identify the Louvre in the final scene using the Arc de Triomphe as a reference.

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