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Quick-pickled red cabbage

Great way to use up red cabbage when you have a whole head of it and had enough of cabbage soup.

Discovering Paris’ iconic neighbourhoods

New piece up on Singapore Airlines’ SilverKris.com.

Padrón peppers

IMG_0934 IMG_0935

Otherwise known as pebrots de Padrón in Catalan or pimientos de Padrón in Castilian Spanish. Found them at the market on the day we were due to leave Barcelona and served them up the way I like them — blistered and tossed in salt and olive oil — that very evening in Paris.

Discover Walks interview

Here if you have two minutes to spare and are interested to hear what I have to say about Paris.

Election season


It’s been rather illuminating these recent weeks following the French presidential election, considering how I’ve learnt more about French politics these past weeks than in all of the past three years I’ve lived in this country. Ok, I have to admit it’s definitely handy having a Frenchie in the household whom I could pose (silly) questions to without having to google answers. In any case, please vote wisely come May 7 because you know very well what protest voting or abstention will lead to.

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