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Valley of Love (2015)


My first French film of 2016 also marks my first Gérard Depardieu film, and I can’t stop staring at his bulbous nose. Not sure where this film is going half the time, if it is going anywhere at all, and a word of warning to those who aren’t too big on Depardieu (myself included): He’s mostly sweaty and pretty much naked (save for a pair of dignity-saving boxer shorts) in the film.

Playtime (1967)

Playtime for Tati … M.Hulot hunts for Giffard in an office of Mondrian geometry

Yet another French film that’s set in Paris, this time without much of a plot and in a grayscale, futuristic Paris with boxy buildings (and cubicles) but Jacques Tati takes it up to another level with playful, highly visual humor reserved for those who are observant. Most times, the dialogue, if any, is intentionally reduced to a background buzz so I suppose it’s not a bad film for those learning French and trying to immerse themselves in a bit of French cinema. *cough*

Zazie dans le métro (1960)


Am making it a point to watch French films more regularly this year. Was a little disappointed to realize Zazie didn’t make it onto the métro but the surprise sighting of my quartier in 1960 (Stalingrad ! Gare de l’Est ! Église Saint-Vincent-de-Paul !) more than made up for it.

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