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Empty playgrounds without screaming children



Sighted on my long walks from point A to B to C to D during a recent trip to Tokyo. I think I’m starting to be obsessed with Japan all over again.

How to master the Japanese convenience-store breakfast

Absolutely thrilled to see this published on R&K. Here’s to all the #konbini I’ve loved before (in Ebisu and Roppongi).

Jiro Dreams of Sushi



Funnily enough, I started watching the documentary partly for the sushi and partly because I’m still feeling nostalgic about my trip to Tokyo last year but ended up enjoying it for what Jiro and his sons stand for – the quiet persistence, work ethics and hard work that go into honing the craft.

Particularly precious in today’s world of instant gratification and impatience for recognition, Jiro Dreams of Sushi was inspiring to watch and bitter-sweet. Bitter-sweet because I’m not sure if Yoshikazu and Takashi have children and if their children — along with the children of other master craftsmen — will continue the legacy of their grandfather and fathers.

Typography Japan #3


Typography Japan #2


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