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Starting them young

My mom thinks I’m bringing her to museums and art galleries so often she must be bored out of her wits. But look, I think she’s having fun heh.

The boys in the clothes shop sold me curry for a pound


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IMG_9132 IMG_9133

Made a spontaneous trip to London while the husband was away on a work trip to Singapore. Caught up with old friends, met two babies for the first time, enjoyed lots of art and bought enough tea to last me six months.

London on the threshold of autumn

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I’m getting to know London a little better with every short trip. Stayed with good friends in Brixton this time in the company of squirrels (squeal) and foxes (double squeal). Also found time to revisit the V&A and saw its ceramics collection for the first time (mind blown).

Weekend in London



We popped by London for a quick weekender in early July. Can’t believe a) it’s almost two years since I was last there b) the number of friends who have now relocated there ! Was super pumped to squeeze in an afternoon at the V&A with T for a life-changing exhibition. I think I’m starting to develop a soft spot for The Old Smoke. #sorryparis

A quick glimpse of London


Spitalfields Market was the first place we stopped by after putting our bags down at our friends’ apartment. It turned out a little too commercial for my liking. Plenty of products appeared to have been sourced from China too.


Delicious at first bite, then I realized there was no end to chewing: way too much meat.


Grey London.


We like the chimney and I think J likes the ramp more.


London struck me as being quite very crowded but that may be because I was at the south bank during the Thames Festival.


R made a very delicious version of the Sunday roast and an apple pie using a French recipe from her mother-in-law. It was also nice to meet Tommy as she dropped by to get her book.


I got left behind one day in the tube station with no cash on me. Before this happened, I came across a Vicky Pollard look-alike.


A refreshing change from the usual designated smoking area signs.


I can’t help but think of home.


Mismatched but pretty.


My first bowl of pho in Europe. It was near impossible finding a restaurant that was open at 3pm.


Many of the restaurants along Brick Lane seemed to have won some sort of award somewhere.


I think I can conclude that I’m not a big fan of pub grub. I like the pint of prawns though, enjoyed on its own just dipped in lemon juice. Not sure why I didn’t like the ale and cider I had in London, perhaps this is the way they are supposed to taste (too sour) and one pint of each was simply too much.


It was rainy and windy on our last day.  We didn’t have an umbrella and were caught in the rain as we dashed between tube stations and destinations. I eventually fell ill in Paris and I’m still coughing right now as I type.


My comfort food of choice on a cold, rainy day.


We bid London farewell at the lovely Saatchi Gallery.

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