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Days are dogs



Until 7 January 2018 at Palais de Tokyo. If I had to pick a section, I think Tuesday would have to be my favorite.

Cité de refuge


IMG_1484 IMG_1483

My second time visiting a Le Corbusier project, one that’s not usually open to the public. Merci Journées du Patrimoine weekend. One day I’ll make it to Cité Radieuse in Marseille.

Paris’ vibrant secret scene


First centre spread. This story had somewhat been four years in the making so I guess it is about time to send some love to my 19ème.

Quick-pickled red cabbage

Great way to use up red cabbage when you have a whole head of it and had enough of cabbage soup.

Discovering Paris’ iconic neighbourhoods

New piece up on Singapore Airlines’ SilverKris.com.

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