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Dong Liang



It was late autumn in Shanghai when I first checked out for myself the cutting edge concept store housed in a quaint three-storey lane house that Dong Liang is. A great store to explore if you are curious about emerging Chinese fashion designers. I was there for Beijing-based Central Saint Martins-schooled Vega Wang but ended up with a dress by Shanghai designer Ni Hua under her Miss Mean label instead. It was hard to leave the store empty-handed. I think my wallet ached a little.

栋梁 Dong Liang
No. 184 Fumin Lu (near Changle Lu), Jing’an district, Shanghai, P.R. China
+86 (21) 3469 6926

As life flashes by



I can’t believe it’s 2012 already ! Where did my 2011 go ? Oh dear, and I still feel like a FOB in Hong Kong. On the bright side, this will mean more explorations in the new year (hurrah) ! Have a smooth-sailing merry year ahead as I leave you with two photos taken late November last year in Shanghai, the first from my old neighborhood and the second from a familiar bar now relocated in a new neighborhood.

Typography China #60


Still can’t figure out if the alphabets form any words, or mean anything.

Food frenzy #37


This is about as hardcore as it gets. The first thing I did after I’d gotten off the plane in Shanghai was to head straight to my old neighborhood for the much-anticipated malatang and chuan’r fix, with luggage in tow.


Ordered lamian by mistake when I had actually wanted daoxiaomian. Good mistake though, I haven’t had lamian in ages.




I’ve said so much about this store I’m starting to sound like an annoying broken record player. Go here and here to read what I’ve written in the past and have been constantly telling my friends and family. Praises galore yes, so it’s no surprise that I made my way to their new location during my recent trip to Shanghai. They now have space for a teahouse/café on the third floor though it wasn’t open when I visited.

No. 360 Kangding Lu (near Shaanxi Bei Lu), Jing’an district, Shanghai, P.R. China

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