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Getting back into reading


I missed the boat when I was in France, surrounded by trainloads of book-reading commuters. Hopefully it’s not too late now, even with phone-toting, TV series-watching zombies everywhere.

Weekend Getaway: Singapore

A shout-out to my country of birth, featuring the little person I had given birth to, on one of my favoritest parenting websites. This definitely made my day.

One month in Singapore


Family time, a bit of exploring, a lot of hawker centres and then the trip came to an end.




IMG_8313 IMG_8309

Having a bar all to yourself on a late afternoon pretty much sums up the luxury of playing tourist back home. With 23 types of craft beer on tap (all foreign), am I asking for too much by hoping for just one more from Singapore one day ?

119 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207547

The Green Corridor






Been walking along a lot of railway tracks of late, most recently last week, this time in Singapore.

While it’s a pity that the majority of the tracks has not been conserved, I hope we can preserve the railway land in its current state without any additional bells and whistles.

For those who might be interested, that yellow sign marks the total distance in kilometers from Butterworth, Penang — the starting point of the KTM West Coast Line.

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