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East of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, I don’t understand what the locals are saying



Unfortunately for me, I had to get on an early morning flight the day after the wedding (pretty pictures here and here) which can only mean one thing – staying up all night after the wedding, packing up and heading straight to the airport in the wee hours of the morning. It was worth it though, thank you L for having me there. It was a little adventure of a lifetime to go so far to be with you and your loved ones on your big day. Airport food just before I go, oh what was I expecting in the first place ?

I walked along Tulum’s main thoroughfare




… after lunch looking for colectivos. Stumbled upon a supermarket and left delighted with a few bottles of tajin and hot pepper sauce. There were barely any foreigners this part of Tulum and I must say my quiet stroll along the road in the sleepy town was pretty enjoyable.

Typography Mexico #22


El Camello Jr.



If you only have time to go to one restaurant in Tulum, this would be it. And this was what I did, tattered printout of a Phat in Shanghai blog post in hand (big thanks Sandy !). My late lunch at El Camello Jr. was hands down my best meal in Mexico coupled with the best service to boot. Well worth the risk of hitching a ride with a bunch of Mexican boys who offered to drive me to the restaurant when I asked them for directions. True to my beliefs, nothing beats local eats and atmosphere at local prices. I’m still dreaming of that impossibly huge glass of michelada de camarón, amazing shredded shark dip, chips and salsas that pack such a fiery punch. If only I had some company that day to chat over drinks and share the hearty meal with.

El Camello Jr.
Southern end of Avenida Tulum
Tulum, Mexico




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