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One more time

Truth be told, I still don’t know why I’m putting myself through this roller coaster ride of physical and mental lows again. Gonna take a bit of time off work and probably will rethink the direction of this website while I’m at it.

La Collection (2017)

Probably the best 13 minutes I’ve ever spent on a short film. I talked to my husband about the film, which was inspired by a short story by Stefan Zweig, and was on almost teary-eyed by the time I described the ending.

The reluctant mother

New piece up and am glad to be a part of Auzeen’s fantastic new initiative. Feel like I’m about to jump into the deep end of the pool and revisit old observations in a few months when bebe #2 arrives.

Casa Vicens



The first house designed by Antoni Gaudí is walking distance from our aunt’s apartment in Gràcia but was closed for renovations when we were in Barcelona a few years back. This time, we happened to have a bit of time (outside of family reunions and meals) and so we finally made it there one morning. Highly recommended, wonderfully intricate with many cozy nooks without tourists milling about getting in your way.

Casa Vicens
Carrer de les Carolines, 20, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

Contemporary art scene snapshot


IMG_2938 IMG_2939

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