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The trains are now so clean

After a lifetime spent hating on almond-flavored everything, I’ve just realized that almond jelly is quite tasty after all.

Dong Huong





Just another meal (why pho, of course) at one of my favourite Vietnamese eateries in Paris. This was also where I had my first Perrier sour plum a few summers ago and I couldn’t stop dreaming of it for ages after.

Dong Huong
14, rue Louis Bonnet, 75011 Paris, France
+33 1 43 38 25 74

It’s just not as tasty without those metallic spoons you know

Some much-needed icy dessert (done right – though slightly sacrilegious to be saying this in a country famed for its desserts) with the parents on a particularly hot day back in June. It’s funny how my childhood memories are made of superduperdelicious ice kachang and ice jelly from this same stall and now they don’t taste half as good as I remembered them to be.

Because it is already 9 August where you are at

It’s the first time I’m living so far away from you and there’s no better way to celebrate your awesomeness than with a post chock-full of photos of food I had eaten the last time I was home in June. Hawker centres or nothing. Happy 48th, Singapore !


Kway chap.

Yong tau foo.

BBQ chicken wings, blood cockles and beer. A routine with #4.


Chicken rice with the girls. Note how you can choose to add dark sweet soy sauce to your rice and mix it all up.


Mee kuah with the sister. A new routine of sorts.

Mee soto and mutton soup. Halal, non-halal.

Headed to Tong Ah for the first time with mom only to realize they were relocating in a few weeks.

Sliced fish vermicelli and yu sheng.

Because andouillette reminds me of kway chap



Midweek dinner at our friends’ centered on the sausages we had bought in Troyes. Andouillette over boudin any day and it could be even tastier with kway chap‘s tangy spicy chilli sauce. Not that blood is unappetising, it’s just that I prefer it in cubes in mala hotpot soup.

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