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True to my words (self-fulfilling prophecy alert), change will come gradually. Whoever knew tailoring a basic theme to my liking or finding the perfect minimalistic theme could be this hard ? #help

That said, it’s also time for a change outside of the blog. Here’s a couple of things right off the top of my head I can work on once I’m done with my exams next week. Wish me luck.

1. Write more. If I want to hone my writing skills, I can’t be lazy about it.

2. Photograph with more thought.

3. Read better. Be truly informed on topics I’m passionate about instead of just having a cursory interest.

4. Further edit my wardrobe. Thought I was done with purging when I moved a few months ago but my wardrobe still looks like a mess so I guess more work lies ahead.

5. Surround myself with good people, both new and old, and don’t take them for granted.

6. Call home more often.

7. Eat better especially now that I’m living in a country that has lots to offer in quality produce.

8. Get back into exercise mode.

Delete and refresh

Delete. I’m afraid I’m not up to it so I’m going to have to take this blog in a new direction gradually – and 2014 seems like a good time to start. So, happy holidays in the meantime. Here’s to a new year full of happy memories, little victories and good health to come ! Drink lots but don’t get into too much drunken follies. See you next year. Refreshed.

Lately in Paris

The weather seems to have warmed up in recent weeks even as we inch our way towards November. Everyone’s saying it’s surprisingly warm for October but temperatures are apparently dropping as I type. It’s been pretty quiet around here mostly because we have just moved to an apartment in a gritty neighborhood near a metro station named after a Russian city then winter semester started. So it’s been all school and exams and unpacking and boxes and household chores. Damn, I miss having an ayi.

I’ll be your winter coat buttoned and zipped straight to the throat









Yesterday I was asked if the Stalingrad/ Belleville neighborhoods correspond to my expectations of Paris. The truth is I did not expect to visit Europe before I first traveled to France in 2009, much less live in Paris four years later. I’ve never had much inclination to see France (or Europe) and thus do not really care if it would trump or differ from the image of France portrayed in Asian media. It’s probably better this way to form my opinions on a blank slate. Photos taken on my way home after drinks one night at a neighborhood bar by the canal.

Because it is already 9 August where you are at

It’s the first time I’m living so far away from you and there’s no better way to celebrate your awesomeness than with a post chock-full of photos of food I had eaten the last time I was home in June. Hawker centres or nothing. Happy 48th, Singapore !


Kway chap.

Yong tau foo.

BBQ chicken wings, blood cockles and beer. A routine with #4.


Chicken rice with the girls. Note how you can choose to add dark sweet soy sauce to your rice and mix it all up.


Mee kuah with the sister. A new routine of sorts.

Mee soto and mutton soup. Halal, non-halal.

Headed to Tong Ah for the first time with mom only to realize they were relocating in a few weeks.

Sliced fish vermicelli and yu sheng.

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