Quarantine cooking


Can’t complain about hawker food and mom’s homecooked food but at the same time I’ve lamented I haven’t been cooking enough since I moved back to Singapore. Well, look who’s been cooking up a storm since lockdown began and felt adventurous enough to try new (but easy) recipes beyond the usual improvised dishes ? Some look like they will become part of my repertoire, others maybe not so much. What matters is I think I’m finally out of a culinary rut yay !

* Rice with duck from The Family Meal

* Oven-roasted coquelet

* Spaghetti aglio e olio

* Roasted cauliflower

* Denise‘s small-batch fudge brownies

* Spanish potato omelette from 1080 Recipes

* Sausages and mushrooms from The Family Meal

* Eileen‘s kimchi fried rice

* Wafu spaghetti

* Ramdane’s mother’s orange blossom madeleines

* Lex Weibel’s spicy and saucy cherry tomato pasta

* Greek-style oyster mushrooms

* Basil oil

* Tortang talong

* Khoresh bamieh

* Ping‘s oven-dried cherry tomatoes

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