Wee Ling Soh was born in Singapore and took her first train (to Kuala Lumpur) when she was barely a few months old. While in university, her first trip to China sparked off a decision to move to Beijing even if she eventually ended up in Shanghai for two years four and a half years, then Hong Kong for a couple more.

An accountant by training, she has written and photographed for The Straits Times, Interfax, Unlike, Shanghaiist, Shift Japan, NeochaEdge and Terroir Magazine, among others. Her pet peeves are Comic Sans and people who chew loudly. She currently lives in Paris with her spouse and bébé, and secretly plots to return to Asia on the Trans-Siberian one day.

Unfortunately there won’t be many pictures of pastel-colored macarons or the Eiffel Tower as she prefers to show you the beauty in gritty, mundane Paris. She also thinks os à moelle tastes better in curry than with sprinkled sea salt and andouillette will be perfect with kway chap chili.

Feel free to contact her for writing and photo assignments or just to say hi over drinks (she can’t say no to hotpot either).