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La Collection (2017)

Probably the best 13 minutes I’ve ever spent on a short film. I talked to my husband about the film, which was inspired by a short story by Stefan Zweig, and was on almost teary-eyed by the time I described the ending.

L’Empereur de Paris (2018)


Can Vincent Cassel do any wrong ? I have to admit that it doesn’t help that an uncle in Les Landes had named his dog “Vidocq”. Expect all the pomp and action that come with a big budget, I’m not good with 19th century Paris so it did take me a while to identify the Louvre in the final scene using the Arc de Triomphe as a reference.

Plan Cœur (2018)


This might very well be the first French TV series I’ve ever watched. Nothing too memorable, quite like Ugly Betty à la française. Pleased that the slangs and colloquial French didn’t pose too much of a problem. What’s more memorable is that they filmed at a lot of locations in the 19th arrondissement ! I saw Club Azteca, Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Fromagerie Ferme de Chloé, Huguet Primeurs, , Avenue de Laumière… and Les Chics Types. We even sat at the same table once after a stroll in the park ! It’s really nice to see my hood when I’m so many miles away.

Maîtresse (1975)


Have to say it wasn’t not an easy movie to watch in public, erm say, on a TGV. Not that the scenes are particularly shocking by today’s standards, but still. So Gérard Depardieu was actually hunky once upon a time but good-looking actors aren’t nearly enough to make up for the poor storyline. Consider it time well wasted.

Au revoir là-haut (2017)


Yet another French film I’d watched on the plane and can’t believe I would be saying this but it made me nostalgic for France. Took a leap of faith to watch it with only French subtitles and was glad it wasn’t difficult to follow — plus I’d recognized Niels Arestrup from Un prophète (2009) ! Also was that Charles de Gaulle-Étoile métro station outside l’hôtel Péricourt ? I’m partial to the cinematography and narration style, which reminded me of Wes Anderson. Brilliant, thoroughly engaging with the couple of unexpected twists at the end. One of the more memorable French films I’ve watched in recent years.

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