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How to bar-hop like it’s an Olympic sport

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I thought I knew bar-hopping, that is, until we headed out two nights in a row this summer with Iñigo, who takes bar-hopping to a whole new level. Don’t think I’ve ever felt this much pressure to down beer and red wine so we could move on to the next bar for more pintxos. Probably a result of equal parts Basque pintxo culture and only-girl-in-the-group symptom.

If you happen to find yourself in San Sebastián (or Donostia as the locals call it) in the near future, definitely make time for some of my favorite pit stops:

  • Fried ibarrako piparrak at Goiz Argi. Can’t go wrong with tiny mild Basque green peppers flavored simply with salt — unless if you are unlucky enough to pick out the only spicy pepper on the plate.
  • Tomato salad at Bodega Donostiarra. Fuss-free, juicy and refreshing.
  • Japanese pintxo at Kenji Sushi Bar. Our friend calls it Japanese pintxo but it’s actually an ingenious tripartite marriage of Japanese sushi/sashimi, fresh local fish with the pintxo bar scene. I had to be dragged out of this bar because I can’t remember the last time I had sushi/sashimi this authentic and affordable in Paris.
  • G&T at Akerbeltz. One last drink for the road in a country obsessed with its G&Ts. Sitting outside the bar, overlooking Kontxako Badia, with a large glass of G&T in hand is pretty much the perfect way to call it a night if you ask me.
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