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Was fortunate to be back in one of my favorite cities on an extended work trip late last month. I don’t know why but I felt extra emotional to be back this time even if it was all winter and bleak. It was a city where I met boys who broke my heart but also chanced upon the love of my life, hung out with fun acquaintances, drank too much and made fast friends for life. I think I miss it a little more each time I’m back even though I know it is slowly transforming into a city I will barely recognize one day.

Dong Liang



It was late autumn in Shanghai when I first checked out for myself the cutting edge concept store housed in a quaint three-storey lane house that Dong Liang is. A great store to explore if you are curious about emerging Chinese fashion designers. I was there for Beijing-based Central Saint Martins-schooled Vega Wang but ended up with a dress by Shanghai designer Ni Hua under her Miss Mean label instead. It was hard to leave the store empty-handed. I think my wallet ached a little.

栋梁 Dong Liang
No. 184 Fumin Lu (near Changle Lu), Jing’an district, Shanghai, P.R. China
+86 (21) 3469 6926

As life flashes by



I can’t believe it’s 2012 already ! Where did my 2011 go ? Oh dear, and I still feel like a FOB in Hong Kong. On the bright side, this will mean more explorations in the new year (hurrah) ! Have a smooth-sailing merry year ahead as I leave you with two photos taken late November last year in Shanghai, the first from my old neighborhood and the second from a familiar bar now relocated in a new neighborhood.

Typography China #60


Still can’t figure out if the alphabets form any words, or mean anything.

Food frenzy #37


This is about as hardcore as it gets. The first thing I did after I’d gotten off the plane in Shanghai was to head straight to my old neighborhood for the much-anticipated malatang and chuan’r fix, with luggage in tow.


Ordered lamian by mistake when I had actually wanted daoxiaomian. Good mistake though, I haven’t had lamian in ages.

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