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Girls getaway



I’m writing from hot and humid Singapore where I am currently back home on semi-vacation. September’s been crazy hectic but for a good reason as the sister was in town for a couple of weeks. We even headed to London for a week on a girls trip and did plenty of things with a feisty 10-month-old in tow.

Starting them young

My mom thinks I’m bringing her to museums and art galleries so often she must be bored out of her wits. But look, I think she’s having fun heh.

The boys in the clothes shop sold me curry for a pound


output_iFAJHU IMG_9127


IMG_9132 IMG_9133

Made a spontaneous trip to London while the husband was away on a work trip to Singapore. Caught up with old friends, met two babies for the first time, enjoyed lots of art and bought enough tea to last me six months.

London on the threshold of autumn

IMG_7671 IMG_7672




IMG_7674 IMG_7676


IMG_7678 IMG_7679


I’m getting to know London a little better with every short trip. Stayed with good friends in Brixton this time in the company of squirrels (squeal) and foxes (double squeal). Also found time to revisit the V&A and saw its ceramics collection for the first time (mind blown).

Weekend in London



We popped by London for a quick weekender in early July. Can’t believe a) it’s almost two years since I was last there b) the number of friends who have now relocated there ! Was super pumped to squeeze in an afternoon at the V&A with T for a life-changing exhibition. I think I’m starting to develop a soft spot for The Old Smoke. #sorryparis

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